Chapter 2

“Jesus. Are you going to go look?” “Number one, Anders, I’m supposed to remind you that in keeping with the august guidelines of our whoever the fuck is supposed to care about this shit, you’re not supposed to take the Lord’s name in vain. Not because the state gives a fat rat’s ass which particularContinue reading “Chapter 2”

Chapter 1

Everyman awoke from his nap with a start. Something wasn’t quite right. He couldn’t quite put it his finger on it — not because of the bleariness of sleep, since he always awoke from these early-afternoon 20 minute catnaps refreshed and eager to meet whatever challenges the rest of the day might bring — butContinue reading “Chapter 1”

The line between sentiment and neuroticism is neither bright nor sharp

I have an appointment with a coin dealer tomorrow, to appraise (and very possibly, liquidate) the coins that have been bequeathed me by my grandparents. Let us leave aside for the moment the fact that my parents have been paying rent on four(!) safe deposit boxes for…well, let’s just say the better part of aContinue reading “The line between sentiment and neuroticism is neither bright nor sharp”

Liquidating patriotism

So I deaccessioned the first installment of my grandmother’s coin collection today. This installment consisted of a red toolbox filled to the brim with quarters. Forty-eight rolls of quarters (various statehood commemoratives), plus several dozen little Ziploc bags. Three thousand quarters, plus a few Susan B. Anthonys, several Sacagaweas, and four rolls of nickels. That’sContinue reading “Liquidating patriotism”


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