Oh how I wish I were brave enough for street theatre

I was recently directed to undertake training in a subject that has some topical relevance to what I shall call “the present situation.” The precise subject matter of the training doesn’t bear much scrutiny — it is mostly commonsense stuff, and is clearly meant as CYA for those further up the chain — but thereContinue reading “Oh how I wish I were brave enough for street theatre”

On uncomfortable questions on the playground

So I was watching my kids at the playground, as one does. I and the strikingly handsome dyke — LOVE her plaid bolero jacket, COVET her glasses, find it FUCKING HILARIOUS that she is categorically interchangeable with any one of various members of my half-brother’s extended family, because this is California, after all, and atContinue reading “On uncomfortable questions on the playground”

There’s a glimmer of light

Near the end of Half a Yellow Sun, the heroine crosses over enemy lines to procure food and medicine for her family, their bellies distended with kwashiorker. They are a privileged family; part of the tragedy of the story is her own disbelief that these children could be deformed by what is, classically, a diseaseContinue reading “There’s a glimmer of light”

What is Zoom, really, but a Houellebecquian nightmare?

So a thought occurred to me, during a recent webcast call with some colleagues from work. The platform doesn’t matter; we’ll call it Zoom for the moment, though for the record that is actually the one platform I am not allowed to use at work. What happened was this: I was the only one onContinue reading “What is Zoom, really, but a Houellebecquian nightmare?”

So. The president just went into quarantine.

What a pretty pass we have come to, when I cannot summon up from the depths of my ostensibly Christian soul even a modicum of sympathy for a man who faces a 5-8 times higher rate ratio of hospitalization than someone in their 20s if he actually contracts this disease. What a failure on myContinue reading “So. The president just went into quarantine.”

What will be left, after the wreckage burns and all that remains is refuse and memories?

A couple years ago we held a get-together at our house for the the families at our sons’ day-care. We did it in part as payback for the quite lovely get-together that had just then recently been hosted by the parents of a graduating kindergartner of Chinese heritage and an Old Testament given name. ThisContinue reading “What will be left, after the wreckage burns and all that remains is refuse and memories?”