The subtle dance of face-mask as status marker

I had this realization the other day (actually today, if we’re being honest) that part of the issue with face masks is that it involves a symbolic — which is to say, real — admission of equality in the face of the pandemic, and of social others. What do I mean by that? I meanContinue reading “The subtle dance of face-mask as status marker”

Daddy? What did you do during the plague?

I drank. Rose mostly, but also vermouth. An aside here: one of the more amazing moments of my graduate school career involved an elaborate scheme whereby the gay student group “sponsored” a conference on bisexuality. This was a fig leaf so that the bisexuals — who in truth had very little connection to the universityContinue reading “Daddy? What did you do during the plague?”

So this is how the end times arrive

I could have guessed that I would have to wear a mask, even for simple everyday transactions (picking up paychecks, buying coffee, buying groceries, chit-chatting with the boss’s secretary, securing another quart of bourbon, the usual stuff). I would not have guessed that my own personal sense of the fall of the empire would comeContinue reading “So this is how the end times arrive”

The brutality of Corona time

Everything I’m about to say has, of course, already been said. By someone more or less articulate than I. Quite apart from the malfeasance, the naked corruption of the current administration, quite apart from all the attendant death and pain they have brought about through their depraved stupidity, quite apart from all that what IContinue reading “The brutality of Corona time”

The line between sentiment and neuroticism is neither bright nor sharp

I have an appointment with a coin dealer tomorrow, to appraise (and very possibly, liquidate) the coins that have been bequeathed me by my grandparents. Let us leave aside for the moment the fact that my parents have been paying rent on four(!) safe deposit boxes for…well, let’s just say the better part of aContinue reading “The line between sentiment and neuroticism is neither bright nor sharp”