Further adventures in far Northern California

We went to visit my parents this weekend. They live on a hippie commune in what could generously be described as “timber country” but should more accurately be terms “methland.” Our time there was on-brand. We drove three hours so that we could sit around in an apple orchard, eat fabulous cheese and partake ofContinue reading “Further adventures in far Northern California”

Problematizing Pleasure

I used to go two-stepping, back when I lived in Boston. I loved it while I did it, and remember fondly the evenings I so spent. My pleasure in that activity was contingent upon several premises, perhaps least among them the fact that the activity was explicitly and deliberately tobacco and alcohol-free (the organizers includedContinue reading “Problematizing Pleasure”

The curse of a liberal arts education, part 2

I was chatting with a colleague of mine at work. Someone who would probably in other circumstances even be a friend. But the exigencies of bureaucracy being what they are, this isn’t really the done thing. In any case, we were chatting about our sense of vocation. He has, for a variety of reasons, hadContinue reading “The curse of a liberal arts education, part 2”

The curse of a liberal arts education

When I write the novel in my head, the novel of bureaucracy, the roman a clef that will stand as the lighthouse to which I always will turn while I contemplate the extent of my ambition, the text that will serve as the key to all mythologies, I find myself recalling a certain passage inContinue reading “The curse of a liberal arts education”