Fine dining in Superior California

Sometimes you just have to get away for a day or so. I ostensibly have a real engagement tomorrow, up here in the wilds of Northern California. A sub-committee meeting of the commune to which I belong. An event that, if all goes well, will be as boring as all sub-committee meetings ever and alwaysContinue reading “Fine dining in Superior California”

The Veblenesque orgy of the estate sale

So, the Didion estate sale was this week. It was, according to New York magazine (actually in two different sections, natch), the Paris Review, the LA Times, hell even the fecking Guardian, a somewhat astonishing frenzy-blend of hagiography, money, envy, and feminism. Did I bid on something? Yes. Was I prepared to pay even aContinue reading “The Veblenesque orgy of the estate sale”

Further adventures in far Northern California

We went to visit my parents this weekend. They live on a hippie commune in what could generously be described as “timber country” but should more accurately be termed “methland.” Our time there was on-brand. We drove three hours so that we could sit around in an apple orchard, eat fabulous cheese and partake ofContinue reading “Further adventures in far Northern California”

Problematizing Pleasure

I used to go two-stepping, back when I lived in Boston. I loved it while I did it, and remember fondly the evenings I so spent. My pleasure in that activity was contingent upon several premises, perhaps least among them the fact that the activity was explicitly and deliberately tobacco and alcohol-free (the organizers includedContinue reading “Problematizing Pleasure”